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This will pass, it's only temporary. Depression is a listed mental disorder which includes altered mood; it may occur daily associated with diminished interest or pleasure in most or all of the activities.

Depression is like a tree that has many roots!!

W H A T ' S N E W

Low Self Esteem - A person with low self-esteem can have devastating impact due to normal ups and downs in life. How the person see and feel about himself or herself changes with the upbringing. Read More      Poor vs Healthy Self Esteem The healthy self-esteem is the outcome of a childhood experience where the child is being praised, listened, spoken respectfully, got attention and hugs. Read More
Positive Self Esteem Self-esteem is all about liking how you are from outside as well as deep inside. Read More      Amy Gamble is an Olympic athlete, a former Olympic Hand Ball player from the United States team. She is educated and smart, holds a master’s degree. Read More
Charles Haley is a famous American Football player. He is one and only player in NFL history who has won five Super Bowls. Read More      Brett Seymour- has been playing for Australian National Rugby League for Brisbane Broncos, Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks and New Zealand Warriors. Read More

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Are you Self Aware? - It is one’s ability to find oneself as a separate individual. It's about the thoughts you have about yourself and your presence in this world. Read More

Self Compassion, Bashing Ourselves - A Momemt of Self Compassion can change your entire day. A series of such thoughts can change the course of your whole life. This is the power and beauty of self compassion. Read More

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